Testamento Planner

Testamento Planner helps individuals to inform themselves and act on all aspects of their estate/succession. Medical (Organ Donation, Therapeutic Harassment). Civil (Information Kit, Testament). Estate Anticipation (Inventory, Funeral Rollout).

Introducing Testamento Planner

Video in French. Note : Assurento is an hypothetical insurance partner

Lack of estate anticipation: French evil or taboo?

Although insufficiently informed and unprepared, the French are ready to act to better prepare their succession. Our exclusive 2019 estate survey reveals that 60% of respondents without a will were ready to take one or more actions to prepare their estate. In today’s environment, estate anticipation has become a major concern for all your clients.

Anticipating is done at any age, contrary to conventional wisdom

Testamento Planner brings together a set of complementary services that address the concerns of French people of all ages.

Offering access to Testamento Planner to your customers is not just about enriching your service offering and differentiating yourself.

It also means giving your customers access to a personal and confidential space that addresses their concerns.

Raising awareness with the right vocabulary and without jargon

On the medical level, Testamento Planner allows us to express his wishes for organ donation and therapeutic doggedness. Our investigation clearly indicates that the French place the medical before the financial. Regardless of their age, your clients were already expressing a very strong motivation for this subject at the end of 2019 (before the pandemic).

On the civil and fiscal level, Testamento Planner responds to the need for French knowledge with a personalized Info Kit that explains to them, with pedagogy, how their succession will take place. To go further, you can offer them access via an advisor or in selfcare to our product Testamento Optimizer.

A range of services to act, right now !

In terms of estate anticipation itself, Testament Planner deploys a range of online inventory services, to the writing of an online will with optional deposit with a notary. This pallet is now augmented by the Testamento electronic vault which allows them to store key documents related to their estate. Finally, you can choose to supplement these services with Testamento Beneficiary, so that your customers can tailor their beneficiary clauses online.

Ready to be included in your contracts

Testamento Planner is a package of value-added services that correspond to clearly expressed needs on key topics. Testamento Planner brings you strong customer satisfaction, facilitates the transition to a “services” approach and helps to accentuate the differentiation of your offer. The preferred model for our clients is the inclusion in pension, savings and funeral contracts. The implementation is done without complex training of your teams with a fast and smooth integration into your systems, thanks to our well-established onboarding process.

Testamento Planner: key points

  • An essential product to differentiate your offerings
  • A set of services to build customer loyalty
  • Get anonymous information about how to drive the activity
  • Deploy it in less than 3 months.

Contact us for a demonstration of our Testamento Optimizer tool as well as the rest of our range (Testamento Optimizer and Testamento Beneficiary). And discover their flexibility and complementary.