B2C service platform to inform and act on all aspects of succession

A consumer offer to boost all your products

Kit Info Succession (Succession Info Kit): a diagnosis to understand in 5 minutes the risks of not anticipating.

Inventory: a tool to quickly and simply inventory the things not to forget if you were no longer there.

Testament Express: a tool to build a legally valid holograph will model.

My Living Will: a tool to define your choices in terms of therapeutic relentlessness, organ donation and funeral.

Testamento e-Vault: a storage space to gather and share the most important documents.

The subjects of concern of the French on the succession

In 2019, Testamento conducted a study* among the French to define what were the major areas of concern regarding succession. This study highlighted 3 priority aspects: First of all, advance directives. The medical takes precedence over the financial (and this, before the pandemic). The second aspect is the lack of information. Only a minority of respondents feel they are sufficiently informed about succession. Finally, respondents are ready to act. Thus, 60% of respondents without a will say they want to act within twelve months.

* Exclusive Testamento survey on the French and succession. Dec 2019, 1173 people interviewed.

The medical takes precedence

Respondents to our survey place advance directives as the number 1 concern. The will comes in second place.

Very low level of knowledge

Very low level of knowledge The level of knowledge of the French is very low with regard to succession, only 26% of respondents know enough about the subject.

Solid willigness to act

Respondents to our survey (those who have not yet made their will) are 60% ready to act within the year to prepare their Les rép

Two implementation scenarios

Two implementation scenarios are possible for Testamento Planner.

-1- Model “inclusion in an offer”.

With inclusion, the company values its offer to its customers. Testamento Planner’s services can be offered as part of an insurance contract, a pension offer or a funeral product. This solution makes it possible to provide services on topics of high customer interest and to integrate an innovative offer to differentiate itself on the market.

-2- Model “employee offer (internal / large account)”.

Once the scope is defined, with such a model, the company offers the services of Testamento Planner to its employees. This offer complements the pension package and is part of a total remuneration approach while allowing you to progress effectively on the level of satisfaction and commitment.

This solution makes it possible to differentiate itself in the service proposal to key account customers (proactivity / calls for tenders). Offering its employees a service on anticipation makes it possible to work on the NPS.

Testamento Planner in more details

Testamento Planner is now much more than the possibility of writing your will online, even if this service remains an asset among the bouquet of services offered.

Our 2019 survey proves it: the French say they are insufficiently informed about the succession. And since the subject is still taboo, it is not easy to approach the subject. Testamento Planner includes a module that allows you to simply and quickly obtain a personalized assessment, an effective and appreciated way to take stock and be informed.

Testamento Planner allows you to draw up your holograph will and possibly have it registered by a notary in the French national FCDDV file (Fichier Central des Dispositions des Dernières Volontés). Available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, Testamento Planner avoids the delays of booking an appointment with a notary.

This is a priority subject for the French. Testamento Planner allows you to establish your wishes in terms of therapeutic relentlessness, organ donation or the organization of your funeral. This takes the form of a PDF document signed electronically and communicated to a trusted person.

In order to be sure that nothing is forgotten at the time of succession, Testamento Planner makes it possible to establish an inventory. This inventory may be attached to a will or kept by itself. It is also possible to have this inventory registered by a notary. This makes it possible to bring serenity whatever the family context.

Highly secure, the Testamento safe makes it possible to anticipate the opening of an estate. It is possible to place essential documents there so that relatives can find them without difficulty.

Thanks to one or more trusted people, it is possible to transmit to his relatives official documents but also more personal memories.

The Testamento vault is designed to make sure that nothing that matters is lost.

Testament Express main steps

audric girard

Audric is available for a product demo

Of course, if Audric is not available, you can count on Laurent or Marie Lucille to present our solutions. In any case we will be happy to exchange with you.

5 million individuals have access to our services through our partners

Since 2018, Testamento’s services have been deployed to more than ten bancassurance players. Today, more than 5 million individuals have access to our solutions through our partners.

Testamento Planner is an opportunity to set up a space in your colors, allowing your customers to access the services designed by Testamento to inform themselves and act on all aspects of their estate. Both medical (organ donation, therapeutic relentlessness), civil (Estate Info Kit, will) and inheritance anticipation (inventory, funeral conduct). A popular new electronic safe service is also available.

Testamento Planner Expected Benefits:

– A strong opportunity for a commercial rebound

– A concrete, digital and innovative offer including a secure e-safe

– Optimised  onboarding process

– The transition to a “customer need” approach made easier

– SaaS or API operation

– Implementation deadline within three months

Insurers, mutuals, IFAs, many of them trust us

Want to learn more about Detect and our products and services? Whether you are a bank, insurer, mutual, broker, IFA, an association or a foundation, our team will be delighted to exchange with you.