Innovation, our driving force for evolution

At Testamento, our culture is based on a constantly research of  innovation.

We are commited to simplifying the integration of our solutions into our customer’s environments while continually enhancing security. 

Shaping the futur intelligently and safety is not just a commitment it’s what we are all about. 

Our teams are committed to creativity, curiosity and boldness, a culture that transcends every line of code and every strategic thought.

Connecting Testamento solutions to your environment is simple and fast.

Our success is based on the powerful ability to integrate our solutions into our customers’ complex technological environments.

Understanding the specific needs of each organization guides our approach. From customized APIs to other custom-made methods, our solutions offer great flexibility, adapting to both your internal and external information systems.

Testamento, as an API-First solution with connectors via Zapier, ensures fast and reliable integration with other Saas solutions.

Our innovative solutions integrate securely and simply into your environment

Solid architecture

Solid architecture

Flexible and agile, serverless microservices with AWS cloud implementation native to France: scalable, always available and with geographic redundancy.

Quality and safety

Quality and safety

Pipeline, automated testing and analysis, ongoing bug-finding programs, encrypted data, pentests, ongoing ISO 27001 procedures.

Simplified integration

Simplified integration

15 state-of-the-art REST APIs. APIs already integrated into market tools and easy to integrate into your information system.

Technologies cloud-natives et outils modernes

Technologies cloud-natives et outils modernes

At Testamento, our leitmotiv is to constantly stimulate innovation, simplify the integration of our solutions into our customers’ environments, and continually reinforce security.”


Security and confidentiality are our top priorities at Testamento.

The security of the Testamento platform includes the standards and requirements of our bancassurance customers, based on the SaaS model.

A solid, scalable architecture hosted on the native AWS cloud in France

Based on serverless microservices, our architecture guarantees exceptional scalability, constant availability and geographical redundancy.

Quality and safety are at the heart of our concerns, with automated pipelines, regular pentesting and in-depth analysis.

Our toolbox uses advanced technologies such as Postman et Jenkins, ensure rapid, granular production start-ups

Security and confidentiality at the heart of Testamento

Our commitment translates into bug bounty programs, a proactive initiative where external researchers identify vulnerabilities before they become threats.

All our developers are DevOps, understanding the entire software production chain.

So, with our DevSecOps, we integrate security right from the start of the development process, ensuring total protection at every stage.

They trust us



Our lead acquisition has tripled thanks to the integration of Testamento Detect on our home page !



Testamento, an innovative solution. The subject of inheritance can seem both anxiety-provoking and complex. It’s a time that’s bound to be difficult for heirs. Preparing for it means protecting your family and your estate according to your own wishes.


Testamento offers enhanced services to Macif, making it possible to secure the life insurance contract, by ensuring its proper execution, with very intuitive, very simple tools, whose capacity for evolution we can measure.