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Munich Plug and Play

Testamento at the Munich Summit

Virgile Delporte, president and co-founder of Testamento, recently spoke at the Munich Summit of Plug and Play. He shared his thoughts on the changes in family structures. On the complexities and risks in human relationships, and the increasing regulatory pressure facing insurance companies. He introduced Testamento’s unique approach to addressing these challenges through technology.

Virgile Delporte CEO of Testamento presentation

Presentation at the Plug and Play Munich Summit

Testamento began in 2013 as a B2C company. But since 2018, has transitioned to a pure B2B model. Offering SAS software services to banks, mutuals and insurance companies. Testamento software helps insurance companies and brokers support their customers throughout their lifetime. Starting with Testamento Detect, a DIY online simulator, followed by Testamento Optimizer, a tool for face-to-face meeting and Testamento Beneficiary, a tool for beneficiaries management and ending with Testamento Planner, the historical offer, intended for end customers, with in particular the online will to build customer loyalty and detect moments of life.

Testamento solutions

  • Detect helps the end client understand on his own loopholes in his coverage and ask for a call with an advisor
  • Optimizer helps an advisor structure in its sales approach by collecting data. And constructing the right solution with his client, following a needs approach. 
  • Beneficiary helps advisors or the client himself to decide who gets what thanks to a powerful engine for beneficiary clause designation. 
  • Planner enrichs life insurance product offerings with a full estate planning platform, including wills and testament. This can help to differentiate from competitors and gain customer loyalty.
Virgile Delporte speech

During his speech, Virgile Delporte presented Testamento range of solutions. To know more about these solution, contact us !

Update of the use of our solutions

Testamento solutions are currently being used by 10,000+ “augmented” advisers. And above 10 million users in France have access to these solutions through Testamento Partners. During his speech, Virgile explained that Testamento Optimizer has been deployed multiple times. And that it has already helped to increase inflow by 40% for a significant insurance player. Within 2 years,  1,500 users adopted our tool and over 250K uses of the tool have been recorded. 

He also talked about Testamento’s team: small but dedicated. And said that Testamento is now looking to expand beyond France and become a global player. With its innovative approach to addressing the complexities and risks of modern life, Testamento is poised to make a big impact in the insurance industry. The company is open to answering any questions and is looking for new partners to join them on their journey.

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