Testamento l'assurance de personnes réinventée : nos outils développés pour la direction distribution

To sell better is to sell more in all sincerity 

How can you optimize your sales force’s ability to increase convertion rates and promote multi-equipment, with a consistent sales approach that complies with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements ?

Personal insurance is a strategic product line for many organizations. From the first contact on the website to the sale and retention of a customer, there are many steps where Testamento’s  solutions can help. 

Boost sales and build customer loyalty

Generate leads

Finding new customers is an essential lever for increasing market share. Our solution enhances your ability to turn traffic into sales opportunities. Offer your prospects a personalized, educational pathway, enabling them to identify any lack of preparation, then call them back with a full understanding of their information.

Multi-equipping for loyalty

A multi-equipped customer is more loyal. But achieving this is a real challenge. Find out how we have boosted multi-equipment for several networks, with solutions covering the whole life and health insurance perimeter in a single tool. 

Our solution enables your advisors to resolve every subject with a simple, effective approach.

Advice to help you bounce back

Moving from “payer” to “life coach” means gaining greater credibility with your customers. Helping your customers to write their beneficiary clauses (even complex ones) in a simple and legally secure way promotes this advisory posture.

Addressing this personal issue is also a powerful lever for solving insurance issues (personal protection, death, savings, etc.).

What Testamento can do for you

We believe that wealth advice and personal insurance should be accessible to everyone… starting with you!

At Testamento, we have been helping marketing teams and distribution networks to sell personal insurance more effectively for over 4 years. To sell better, the customer needs to understand what’s at stake in insurance, and the advisor needs to be perfectly at ease with this complex world.


Understanding before acting

The customer is, of course, the focus of your attention. You are required to furnish them with a successful strategy that leaves no room for oversight in their personal insurance coverage and why they should trust you.


Increased staff

Work with us to boots your teams. We have digital solutions to enhance your prospecting efforts, your website and your products, with a range of SaaS products that are easy to implement in your system.

They trust us



Our lead acquisition has tripled thanks to the integration of Testamento Detect on our home page !



Testamento, an innovative solution. The subject of inheritance can seem both anxiety-provoking and complex. It’s a time that’s bound to be difficult for heirs. Preparing for it means protecting your family and your estate according to your own wishes.


Testamento offers enhanced services to Macif, making it possible to secure the life insurance contract, by ensuring its proper execution, with very intuitive, very simple tools, whose capacity for evolution we can measure.