Testamento Optimizer collects and enrich client data in order to increase advice quality and sales of life-based insurance.

Introducing Testamento Optimizer

Background and opportunity: lack of knowledge at estate planning

Your clients, as illustrated by our 2019 exclusive survey, seriously lack knowledge about the civil process of a succession and its taxation. Only 26% of French individuals say they know this subject very well or extremely well. And a majority admit not knowing the tax rules. This lack of knowledge is one of the most important obstacles in the preparation of successions.

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What if your advisers become augmented advisers?

What if your advisers become augmented advisers?

Testamento Optimizer is a high value-added tool. It allows your financial advisors to discuss with their clients the subject of succession effectively and quickly.

They become “augmented advisors”. With this product, you can obtain better customer satisfaction, easier recommendations. But also see a boost in sales as well as more cross selling.

Testamento Optimizer to co-build the solution with your prospects and customer

As a civil and fiscal simulator, Testamento Optimizer presents in detail how the inheritance will take place. It also calculates inheritance and notary fees. With the help of an educational presentation, the augmented advisor can address the still taboo subject of the succession of his clients. Interactive, Testamento Optimizer simulates the subscription to life insurance or pension offers while showing without delay the impact on future inheritance taxes.

Duty of advice and increased sales

Testamento Optimizer is a key element in the duty of advice. It is a tool structuring the commercial approach and the unfolding of an appointment and a real lever to mobilize salespeople.

Our detailed reporting finally allows you to track business activity and business efficiency.

API or SaaS application for integration

Our tool seamlessly integrates into your existing customer journeys. Available in API, this product integrates with your CRM or sales tools. You can also have it in SaaS mode. It allows, beyond an update, an enrichment of your customer data while being able to function with anonymization of the information processed by Testamento.

Testamento Optimizer: Key points

  • A move towards “augmented advisors” advisors on the subject of succession.
  • An improvement in the quality of the advice.
  • Richer customer data.
  • A Boost in sales of pension and savings products.
  • A possible deployment in a few weeks.