A differentiating approach to personalized and quantified diagnosis of customer needs

Life insurance context

Testamento conviction: it is essential to adopt an end-to-end need vs traditional product approach. To differentiate and succeed in transforming delicate topics into real business opportunities.

Growing market

The French life insurance market represents €169 billion. It is up (+3.7%) in more profitable segments.



Differentiation requires to succeed in the difficult quality and the duty to advise current challenge, within a strong competitive context.


Time to market

Time to market pace of product launch within insurance networks has a strong link with training & performance.


Augmented advisor

Set up expert, fluid and simple approaches has became a must have.



It has become mandatory to address complex topics. Managing the complexity of the approach is now a must for all insurance networks.



Knowing how to approach inheritance issues without taboos but with professionalism, requires dealing with fears and the cultural aspect.


Mono product approach limitations

A commercial approach traditionally too often oriented towards a mono-product aim does not match anymore customer’s needs.


Answer customer’s needs

Strong customer expectations for more simplification, and the co-construction of their solutions in relation to their personal situations.

audric girard

Audric is available for a product demo

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Four keys for an insurer positioning


The current pandemic has highlighted customers’ lack of knowledge of their insurance.

Transparency is essential but it comes with the following challenge: adopt more transparency and offer a level of coverage accessible to all.

It is essential to improve communication to recreate a bond of proximity and become a partner for life

Personal insurance is a key concern in a growing market.

Feedback from our experience with a European insurance leader

Testamento Optimizer was successfully deployed in 8 weeks in a network of 1500 employee advisors. The initial challenges for the insurer were to significantly increase the sales in life insurance and pension provision, to adopt a customer needs based approach, to succeed in positioning itself as an expert, and to standardize the commercial approach within its sales network.
In two years, Testamento Optimizer has increased the turnover by more than 40%, and in total more than 5 billion euros of financial wealth have been identified during the numerous client meetings. For every €1 invested in Testamento Optimizer, there were €111 K of patrimonial data collected, €14K of financial data collection (excluding life insurance) and €333 of sales  carried out in life insurance.
In total, more than €120 million in investments have been presented by our solution. And the enthusiasm for the tool by the network has been optimal, with 81.9% completion rate on the advisor side.

Testamento Optimizer vous apporte : 

– Expert positioning 

– Innovative solution 

– A strengthening of the duty of advice

– A tool for l’upsell and cross sell 

– SaaS or API setup

– Implementation deadline within three months

Client Testimonials

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