Our product offering
Our product offering

Our product offering

Our platform, designed with notaries and family lawyers, was initially aimed at the general public. In 2017, it was decided to add some B2B (Business to Business) products. While continuing to offer services to the general public.

Exclusive solutions for B2B partners in the banking and insurance sector have each been developed with the same mission: to democratize succession-related approaches by making them more accessible and simpler.

Three complementary products

Our product range includes three complementary offerings that are easy to integrate elements. To find out in detail each product, click on the link of your choice.

Testamento Optimizer brings a global knowledge of customers (heritage data) and a sales boost via a simulator showing  A to Z inheritance consequences, including all tax calculation.

With Testamento Beneficiary  an insurer delegates beneficiary clause life-cycle to Testamento. It works for life insurance and/or pension products, whether collective or individual contracts, on new business as well as for the stock of existing contracts.

Testamento Planner helps individuals to inform themselves and act on all aspects of their estate/succession. Medical (Organ Donation, Therapeutic Harassment). Civil (Information Kit, Testament). Estate Anticipation (Inventory, Funeral Rollout).

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