With Testamento Beneficiary an insurer delegates beneficiary clause life-cycle to Testamento. It works for life insurance and/or pension products, whether collective or individual contracts, on new business as well as for the stock of existing contracts.

Digitalize the drafting and management of beneficiary clauses

Video in French, Assurento is an hypothetical insurance company.

Beneficiary clause: a sensitive and complex subject?

The management of beneficiary clauses has become, in France, a hot topic. On the one hand, as lifestyle changes accelerate, the “standard” clause is less and less in line with the individual situations of clients. And on the other hand, because the lack of attention paid to the designation of beneficiaries, as well as the lack of follow-up, has resulted in a substantial number of contracts in disrepair with the French legislative response that we know (Loi Eckert).

Digitalize the beneficiary designation for all your contracts

Testamento Beneficiary  is a digital tool that allows, online, the writing of a beneficiary clause meeting your client’s objectives. This API based solution can be deployed and be used either by your advisors or in self-care. If you don’t have a digital customer space, we can set up a SaaS based solution. Our technology is compatible with collective or individual contracts, pension or life insurance. Testamento  Beneficiary  is able to manage your new contracts as well as your existing stock.

5 years of development for an industrialised product

Testamento Beneficiary  is already in production and already operates on an industrial scale. In individual life insurance, Macif  Mutavie  has been using it since the end of 2019 with its network of 2300 advisors. Since July 2020, the module has also been made available in self-care in its customer spaces to more than 1.3 million members. In November 2020, Testamento  Beneficiary  was successfully deployed by an insurer and its broker to a French CAC 40 company for its collective contract.

Drastically reduce management costs

With Testamento Beneficiary, you can improve your productivity by reducing your management costs sometimes by more than 50%.

The time spent when signing up for new contracts on the beneficiary designation part remains contained. Indeed, the average session time observed is under 13 minutes.

In addition, you offer an innovative service to your customers while strengthening your compliance (Loi Eckert).

Testamento Beneficiary : key elements

A plug-and-play solution play for your subscription processes;

Compatibility with reference software packages;

Enrich your customer data and update it regularly;

Convert a moment of advice into a business rebound opportunity.

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