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What is Testamento Optimizer?

Testamento Optimizer is our sales support tool designed for distribution networks, which allows advisors to drastically develop the quality and volume of sales in life insurance.

New features

Testamento Optimizer is a B2B solution. It was developed in its first version 4 years ago to increase the collection of life insurance via a needs based approach. The tool is easy to use and allows the advisor to discover and formalize the needs of end-customers across the entire spectrum of life and health insurance. With more than 20 new features delivered since 2019, Testamento regularly innovates with improvements to better meet your needs.

Why do our customers find Optimizer suitable for their needs?

Thanks to its powerful configuration, Optimizer allows our B2B customers to highlight the range of products of their choice across the entire scope of life and health insurance, benefiting from the power of an approach focused on client needs. Life insurance of course, but also providence, tax specific wrappers, long-term care offers, retirement solutions …

Today Optimizer covers the entire range of life and health insurance products. The new features of Optimizer make it possible to go even further in the support of the advisor with his client.

One of the recent features very popular with network managers is the detection of savings capacity. Thanks to it, advisors can work efficiently on additional subscriptions and no longer only on stock.

Feedback following the implementation of Testamento Optimizer

The first version of Testamento Optimizer was successfully deployed in 2019, in just 8 weeks. Directly at the heart of the commercial approach, Optimizer was already connected to the sales support tool a network of 1500 salaried advisors. The initial challenges for the insurer were to significantly increase life insurance and provident collections, to adopt a need approach, to succeed in positioning itself as an expert, and to standardize the commercial approach within the network.

In the last 24 months, Testamento Optimizer has been used more than 250,000 times, increased collection by more than 40%, and identified more than 5 billion euros of financial assets during appointments. The enthusiasm for our tool by the network was optimal, with nearly 82% completion rate on the advisor courses.

The main features of Testamento Optimizer

Optimizer allows a customer or prospect to perform a complete “scan” with his advisor in 15 to 20 minutes that identifies his risks and vulnerabilities, establishes a quantified and concrete assessment of the impact of his unpreparedness and at the same time offers adapted interactive solutions.

Optimizer integrates very easily into existing systems. Thanks to our APIs, we can ensure that the data available in your systems can be pre-injected into the paths. This avoids tedious double entry. Symmetrically, depending on your CRM and your existing subscription path, we know how to reintegrate the additional data into your tools.

After a unique and guided phase of collecting customer information, Testamento’s algorithms generate on the spot a personalized report highlighting the concrete and quantified impacts of the client’s lack of preparation on the entire world of life and health insurance.

The assessment, with its innovative and educational format thanks to concrete examples and visuals, combined with its high level of personalization, allows the customer with the help of his advisor to simply and quickly understand the problems he faces and to immediately become aware that he must act to protect himself.

Example of features with risk and solution maps

The principle of the assessment generated for the client following the information collection phase is to present the impact of unpreparedness with pedagogical elements as well as risk maps and associated solutions.

The features are numerous and our team is at your disposal to present them to you in detail. For example, Optimizer now includes the following maps:

  • Impact of unprepared retirement
  • Savings issues
  • Optimization of taxation via life insurance
  • Tax and liquidity issues of the share of real estate in the patrimony
  • Potential optimization of investment returns
  • Opportunity to renegotiate your borrower insurance
  • Health coverage and associated costs
  • Risk and cost of addiction.

Optimizer and the concept of "augmented" advisor

With Optimizer, any advisor becomes an “augmented” advisor able to approach, with a structured approach, the entire scope of life and health insurance. The approach is then, by construction, oriented around customer’s needs and the multi-proposal mechanically becomes a reality.

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