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Hello everyone, here is our March 2023 newsletter.

The news of Testamento echoes the News. There is currenlty a lot of talk in France about pension reform and the low employment rate of seniors. Well, at Testamento, seniors we love them! Our CFO, Ludwig Baruchel came out of retirement to accompany us for a year. His experience has been such a valuable help that one wonders why we do not recruit more seniors! Professional until the end, he was able to help me find his replacement, Nadine Bismuth and ensure the handover.
Another topic that resonates with current events: I’m talking about the boomerang effect. You may have heard of these ex-employees who return to work for their former structure. At Testamento too, we observe and welcome, with joy, this phenomenon.

Finally, as spring approaches, I would like to mention the “renewal” of our products. As you know, our solutions have evolved since 2018, when we pivoted to B2B. You may not appreciate fully the extent of these developments. If we haven’t spoken for some time, don’t hesitate to contact us! Audric Girard, our head of sales and I are at your disposal to study with you how the recent features of our solutions can help you develop the distribution of life and health insurance!


Our March 2023 newsletter.

After the big quit, the boomerang effect?

Testamento team

On our side, there is little turnover at Testamento, and the team is growing. However, we had a few departures last year. An employee of the Customer Success Manager team was chased away by a large consulting firm, and a developer who had decided to test new manual trades threw himself energetically into renovation and wood trades!
Well, these 2 talented employees return to Testamento after enriching experiences that also made them aware that our work environment, although extremely demanding (#spoileralert, it’s not “cool” to work at Testamento) was both meaningful, concrete actions, but also that the team was just right… Top.

Focus on what's new in Testamento Optimizer

What’s new in Testamento Optimizer

Testamento Optimizer, a proven sales support tool, has now been around for almost 4 years, with an initial deployment on the network of a major European insurer to increase customer knowledge and sales of life insurance on the estate angle.

The latest features are based on 2 pillars:
The opening of Testamento Optimizer to the entire scope of personal insurance;
Go even further in accompanying the advisor with his client.
At Testamento, we deliver new features as we go along, but we can consider that between the first version of 2019 and today, there have been about twenty releases. Want to know the main features?

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