TV Morning Show: Testamento reinvents personal insurance

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On June 4th, Virgile Delporte, CEO of Testamento, had the pleasure of appearing on the set of the morning TV Show La Matinale by Ficade Group. The show, which includes media outlets such as Profession CGP, Gestion de Fortune, and Patrimoine24, was hosted by Fabrice Cousté.

This was an opportunity to reflect on the early days of Testamento, highlighting the strategic pivot to B2B in 2018 and the crucial support from major banking and insurance players like Generali France, Malakoff Humanis, MACIF, and Allianz France.

Thanks to our SaaS solutions, each end-user now benefits from personalized recommendations tailored to their specific needs, making insurance more relevant and effective.

By committing to making insurance more accessible and transparent, Testamento simplified processes often perceived as complex and opaque.

Spotlight on the Pilot Solution

Virgile Delporte also introduced our latest innovation, the Pilot solution, designed for financial advisors, brokers, and general insurance agents. This solution aims to structure and simplify the process of discovering prospects’ and clients’ needs, helping them better understand and meet their clients’ expectations in just a few minutes.

It was the perfect moment to mention and thank our partners Bonjour Patrimoine, Mon Partenaire Patrimoine, and Uptimi, who have actively contributed to the development of our Pilot offering and regularly provide ideas to improve the solution as members of the Pilot Club.

Revolutionizing the Beneficiary clause

Finally, Fabrice Cousté gave our co-founder the opportunity to share his insights on the beneficiary clause. This clause, which has remained unchanged for decades, no longer meets the expectations of modern clients:

“By default, a beneficiary clause designates my spouse, failing that my children, and failing that my heirs. However, our society has changed significantly over the past 50 years. The standard beneficiary clause no longer meets clients’ expectations. This is why we have deployed a solution that integrates a module into the insurers’ subscription process, allowing the insurer or the client to customize the beneficiary clauses within life insurance or individual and collective insurance.”

Testamento offers the Beneficiary solution, which integrates into the subscription processes or client portals of insurance companies, their brokers, and now financial advisors, providing simple and educational tools for the advisor and their client.

A promising future for personal insurance with Testamento

In conclusion, Testamento strives to transform the insurance industry by making products and services more accessible, transparent, and personalized. Virgile Delporte emphasized the importance of technological innovation in meeting the expectations of modern clients and enhancing their user experience.

He also highlighted that strategic partnerships with traditional insurance companies are essential, allowing the integration of innovative solutions into established systems.

By offering a modern alternative to traditional methods, Testamento positions itself as a change agent in the personal insurance sector.

For more information about our approach and solutions, feel free to visit our Product pages or contact us directly. We are always happy to discuss how we can help transform your insurance experience.

Watch the full interview with Virgile Delporte to discover how Testamento is revolutionizing personal insurance :