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to facilitate client discovery from the first contact.

The educational content platform created in 2008, and its wealth management consulting firm ‘Bonjour Patrimoine’, are adopting the Testamento solutions.

A first concrete step for Testamento in its conquest of the Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) and independent insurance broker market: the implementation of two Testamento solutions – Detect and Optimizer, within this historic Toulouse-based firm that has a strong appetite for innovation and technology.

By using Testamento, offers an innovative approach to its visitors seeking advice, following a rigorous and structured method.

The flexibility, adaptability, and strong educational approach of Testamento’s solutions allow for self-service usage (for Detect), as well as face-to-face or remote usage with an advisor (for Optimizer). Detect generates an initial self-diagnosis based on simple questions about the client’s asset situation and Optimizer allows the experience to continue with an advisor who assists the client in formalizing their needs in a comprehensive, multi-solution advisory approach.

– The end customer benefits from a better consideration of their needs and gains a very good understanding of topics that often remained obscure.

– The advisor saves precious time thanks to optimized journeys, an extension across all asset-related issues, and finally, a better conversion rate resulting from a successful needs-based approach.

– The organization improves its productivity and strengthens its methodology while benefiting from better customer satisfaction.

The implementation of these solutions at demonstrates Testamento’s ability to adapt its expertise to smaller organizations than the leading insurers and banks it has been working with for over 4 years.

Regarding this new offering, Virgile Delporte, president and co-founder of Testamento says, “We are proud of this partnership with, a recognized player and leader in innovation. This deployment of Detect and Optimizer is a first concrete step in our conquest of the IFA and independent personal insurance broker market. We have successfully launched a Club that allows independent firms to participate in a pre-launch program of our Testamento Pilot offering, which will be available by the end of the year.”

Philippe Moussaud, Managing Partner of, confirms: “For IFAs, there are expert tools that provide clients with very detailed simulations and reports on specific topics. Testamento allows us, upstream, to interact very simply with the client to validate their 360° needs on all aspects of their wealth, with pleasant, playful, and educational interfaces. It’s a solution we were missing and one that our experts adore.”

About Testamento


Since 2013, Testamento has been developing digital solutions with the ambition to make personal insurance accessible to all. These solutions integrate into all distribution channels (digital journeys, agencies, employee or independent networks) for prospecting or portfolio management (Detect), needs discovery during pre-sales (Optimizer), subscription, and customer relationship management – Beneficiary for beneficiary clause management and the Planner estate planning package. Available in SaaS mode or via API and as a white label, the solutions are used by more than 10,000 banking insurance advisors and are already accessible to more than 10 million people in France. Testamento, labelled Finance Innovation, is part of the Fintech100 ranking and is a member of France Fintech and Insurtech France. The company counts among its clients major accounts like Allianz, La Banque Postale, Generali and the Macif group.


For more information:

Contact: presse @ testamento DOT io





Launched in 2008, at the time of the subprime financial crisis, is an educational content platform on wealth management.


The idea was simple. While many investors found this period to be a time to keep a low profile, we were convinced that it was the perfect opportunity to position oneself in dynamic assets.


Why such a dichotomy between investment professionals and investors? According to us, it was due to a simple lack of knowledge and education in financial investment.


For nearly 15 years, has been: 

– 150,000 visitors per month who make up our community

– 400 articles to approach the first topics

– 8 themes to specialize in a particular subject

– About ten practical guides to really get into detail with practical cases and tips

– A YouTube channel if you don’t have time to read us

– A newsletter that reaches more than 15,000 people each month

– A podcast channel to discover topics and the profession of wealth management advisor

– A wealth management firm, Hello Wealth, if you want to be accompanied 

– And in total, about thirty men and women at the service of your wealth


 For more information: 

Contact Philippe Moussaud – +33 6 79 59 84 47