Our vision

At Testamento, we believe that all milestones of life should be easy to anticipate, including the very last one. This is why we built the first estate planning platform in France.

Testamento is a fintech, started in France, that allows individuals to take control of their inheritance planning.

  • Allows online access to long term wishes
  • Easily modify their beneficiaries
  • Track assets and important documents

For insurance / financial institutions, Testamento allows them to:

  • Increase their customer knowledge and boost sales of life insurance products;
  • Improve the management process of their beneficiary clauses;
  • Include brand new services into their life product offering.
Desktop Screenshot of Testamento App
Mobile Screenshot of Testamento App

Our history

B2C services

The testamento.fr website was launched on December 3, 2013, in France, with the aim of making inheritance planning accessible to all.

Designed with notaries and lawyers, the platform provides users with easy-to-understand information and online solutions related to inheritance. Thanks to Testamento, everyone can understand how a succession works, through guides and diagnostic tools. Then, they can carry out an online inventory, express their wishes (funeral organization, therapeutic intervention, organ donation) as well as write and secure their will. A will made with our tools has the same value as a traditional will. It is also possible to send it to a notary partner of Testamento for registration in the national Notary file.

B2B2C turning point & offers dedicated to professionals

Since 2017, Testamento has been developing high value-add solutions for businesses so that they can include these services into their pension or life insurance products.

The first product is an “Testamento Optimizer”. It has been co-built with Generali France and is deployed with our APIs as part of the internal sales tools. This service is used daily by of its network of 1500 employed advisors. It works in three steps: 1. collect or enrich data about the customers (key assets); 2. Provide an educational simulation of the customer death, quantifying future notary fees and estate fees; 3. Provide both civil and insurance solutions to optimize the situation.

The second service is our “Testamento Beneficiary”. It provides a personalized process to better manage the beneficiary clause of insurance or insurance contracts, both collective and individual. This innovative service was built in partnership of two key insurance and mutual benefit partners: Macif Group and Malakoff Humanis. This service is now available in both APIs and SaaS modes.

The third service, called “Testamento Planner“, allows our partners’ clients to take advantage of a platform to secure their inheritance. This set of services is included within several in insurance or savings contracts.

Our references

We already work with several international and local partners:

Virgile Delporte – CEO – explains our value proposition for banks and insurance actors.

Our technological approach

All our services are available in SaaS and/or in the form of customizable API. They can therefore be made available in white label mode to our partners.

We use an agile method for the development of our services. We do our utmost efforts to guarantee the security of our customers’ data by integrating the notion of security by design. At Testamento, we use the Atlassian Suite, Slack, Postman to test our APIs, Jenkins for our builds. In addition, our R&D teams develops most of our new micro-services in Java and React user interfaces. Last but not least, we rely on over 30 AWS tools including Gateway and Lamdba API. Our public APIs are “Serverless”, which brings us flexibility and scalability.

Sylvain Delporte – CTO – describes our main technical processes

Testamento today

We already have a dozen of active partnerships including Generali and Allianz.

Testamento services are accessible by 2.5 million French users through our partners. We have a team of 23 employees and raised a series A of funding at the beginning of 2019.

Let’s work together

5 nationalities represented at Testamento, with the core team located in Paris France, developers around the world including in Florida, USA.

To date, our solutions are only available in France. If you are a banking and insurance professional and want to include Testamento services in your country, we can adapt our tools for you. Please contact us with the form below, or ask for a demonstration now !


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