The distribution of personal insurance and wealth advisory, reinvented.

Innovative SaaS software solutions to transform the customer experience for stakeholders in the distribution of personal insurance.

Generate qualified leads through a civil and fiscal impact simulator for unpreparedness

Increase multi-holdings through sales support

Transform beneficiary management into a commercial lever for insurance

Animate your customer loyalty  through comprehensive inheritance  anticipation strategy

Testamento in 150 seconds

“Shaping the future intelligently and securely isn’t just a commitment, it’s our essence.”


Solutions tailored to your business activity and the size of your company

Banks and insurance companies

General agents, brokers, and wealth advisors

Personal insurance accessible to everyone


skilled advisors

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of customers and users

Banks and insurance companies

High-value solutions to boost your personal insurance offerings at every stage of the customer relationship

Lead portfolio management

A portfolio animation tool delivering a playful and informative diagnosis, allowing understanding of the impacts of unpreparedness.

Sales support

A sales support tool 100% focused on your customers’ needs, structuring the sales process and boosting sales across all types of distribution channels

Digitalized beneficiary clauses

A beneficiary management and designation tool for advisors and your customers, to improve their satisfaction and reduce your management costs.

Customer loyalty

A package of 5 consumer services to understand and act on the succession. Integrated into your insurance products or offered to your top clients. 

Kit Info Succession, Inventory, Testament Express, My Living Will, Testamento e-Vault 

What solution for which stage of the customer journey?

At each stage of the customer journey, Testamento develops innovative and user-friendly tools. Illustration of the implementation of our 4 solutions:

Solutions simplifying every profession

General agents, brokers and

independent financial advisors

Testamento Pilot, our new solution that supplies advisors a 360° approach to selling personal insurance.

Our new SaaS software solution, which offers a comprehensive approach covering all aspects of personal insurance, from life insurance to succession, including retirement and savings.

They trust us



Our lead acquisition has tripled thanks to the integration of Testamento Detect on our home page !



Testamento, an innovative solution. The subject of inheritance can seem both anxiety-provoking and complex. It’s a time that’s bound to be difficult for heirs. Preparing for it means protecting your family and your estate according to your own wishes.


Testamento offers enhanced services to Macif, making it possible to secure the life insurance contract, by ensuring its proper execution, with very intuitive, very simple tools, whose capacity for evolution we can measure.

Connecting Testamento solutions to your digital environment is simple and fast


Understanding the specific needs of each organization guides our approach. From customized APIs to other personalised methods, our solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, adapting to both your internal and external information systems.

Testamento, as an API-First solution with connectors via Zapier, ensures quick and reliable integration with other SaaS solutions.

Testamento? It’s us!

Behind Testamento, there is a passionate and cohesive team working to create robust, high-performing, secure digital solutions and to assist each client as they deserve.