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Launch of Partnership Testamento La Banque Postale

On the occasion of the official launch of the partnership with La Banque Postale, Virgile Delporte, co-founder and president and Sylvain Delporte, co-founder and CTO of Testamento answered Stéphane Girardot’s questions. Testamento’s services are now offered by La Banque Postale to its customers as part of the redesign of their Perspective Transmission offer. La Banque Postale’s press release is available on their website.

Virgile and Sylvain Delporte Interview

Stéphane Girardot. Virgile Delporte, La Banque Postale has just officially announced the launch of the partnership with Testamento. Is this an important step?

Virgile Delporte. That’s right! For three reasons.

  1. La Banque Postale is a banking player. We are happy because our clients were previously insurers and mutuals.
  2. La Banque Postale is a major player in France and our solutions are offered to all their customers, i.e. 20 million customers.
  3. This partnership focuses on our estate anticipation services, Testamento’s historical offering.

SG So it’s a homecoming?

VD Yes in a way. When Testamento was created in 2013, I was convinced that we could make a difference on the difficult subject of succession preparation. We were maybe a little early, especially with a mainstream platform. Here, we have connected our platform directly with the Online Banking area, and the network of advisors will bring an exceptional human dimension to support our digital tools.

SG You’ve built other complementary software offerings, haven’t you?

VD Since our launch, we have enriched this offer and have successfully developed other software solutions to boost the distribution of life and health insurance. For example, Testamento Optimizer is a sales tool used by financial advisors. We have also developed and deployed Testamento Beneficiary, our digitalized beneficiary clause management solution, on a large scale. I remain convinced that all stages of life should be simple to anticipate, including those that frighten us the most. We have been able to turn these key milestones into business opportunities for our customers.


SG A partnership of this magnitude takes time to develop.

VD That’s true, and we have to be aware of two things.  The first element is that we often proceed in stages with our partners. An opportunity study is often the first step once business teams or general management are convinced that our offers can bring added value. We usually work with a consulting firm to bring method to this phase of decision support. It also happens that we do a pilot on a limited group of advisers, for example.

Virgile et Sylvain Delporte
Virgile Delporte, CEO and Sylvain Delporte CTO

A scale up like Testamento does not operate at the same pace as a bank or an insurance company. We are structurally more agile, but we have to adapt to the constraints of our partners. I can assure you that once the project is launched, the teams we work with know how to be responsive!

SG Sylvain Delporte, we find this reactivity on the technical side?

Sylvain Delporte Absolutely. I would add that to achieve a launch like the one we have just succeeded with La Banque Postale, we had a lot of exchanges upstream by meeting their technical constraints and requirements in terms of security of our processes and our data.

SG It represented a significant effort this production?

SD Any significant release into production involves significant efforts. Particularly the unique developments required to support the new constraints that arise in the project. At Testamento, we make every effort to ensure that quality is at the rendezvous. As a reminder, our solutions are already operational with other major players. Virgile indicated that this is the first time we have worked with a bank, it is fair and the level of expectation is above what we have seen in the past. However, we have been used to managing extremely demanding security questionnaires and very large flows for several years. Our solutions have moved to industrial scale and are able to withstand a significant ramp-up.

Proven solutions

SG Can you give an example of a significant ramp-up?

SD A good example is our Beneficiary solution. Several CAC40 companies, through their insurer or management delegate, use it for the designation of beneficiaries as part of their employer pension contract. When implementing such a solution, thousands of employees can log in on the same day following a campaign launched by the human resources department.

SG How was the architecture designed to cope with these peaks in activity?

SD We use APIs and micro services, many of which run in serverless mode, i.e. without a dedicated server, and which our teams have obviously configured to absorb traffic peaks. We rely on the power and know-how of AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is clearly a leader in cloud hosting. In the end, we consume server power “on demand” without being limited.

SG And this makes it possible to be virtuous ecologically.

VD Yes, it is. This type of architecture allows a pooling of equipment and therefore remains frugal in terms of CO2. Concretely, we do not monopolize energy-intensive servers when we do not need them. Last year, when we carried out our carbon footprint, we realized that the CO2 footprint was only 500 Kg for the whole of 2022. This is a point that is close to the heart of the entire team: we at Testamento are very committed to the fight against global warming.

Testamento range of products

A major step

SG Let’s go back to this agreement with La Banque Postale. In concrete terms, what will the customers of this bank have access to?

VD With this partnership, La Banque Postale offers our self-care solutions to its customers. This is a complex subject but our solutions are both ergonomic and very educational. The estate diagnosis will thus allow all La Banque Postale customers to discover or verify who their heirs are in the absence of a will. This is an essential first step that often allows individuals to become aware of their situation. Then it is an extra-banking offer that complements traditional banking services. As part of their “Perspective Transmission” offer, clients will be able to obtain a model holographic will, write their wishes in terms of organ donation, therapeutic relentlessness and funeral organization or make an inventory of their property.

SG So this is a major step for Testamento.

VD Yes and we are proud of it. This new collaboration with a leading banking player, with its 20 million customers, reinforces our leading position in France in inheritance anticipation and the distribution of life and health insurance.

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